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Monday, February 13, 2012

Why Home school?

Do I NEED a reason to home school?

Many many many times I have been asked questions about why we home school the kids when there are these wonderfully free public schools that my kids can go to!
Well wishers completely floored by our family's decision.Asking me," Is something wrong with the kids?
Is it the school?
Some seemed genuinely curious,some outright upset.
Some going as far as telling me how I don't have the right education to teach my children!
My kids were at one point in a public school they were completely miserable.Yes most kids do hate school ,but mine did everything to keep themselves happy But the real issue was they were not being challenged, yes they were making the grade,had great teachers who did the best with the resources they had.It just was not enough! After a lot of soul searching I realised that I wanted the best for my kids. I wanted them to have a better education than I had. I didn't want them to go through the horror that was school for me.I loathed my middle and high school years.I did have a lot of potential but it was squashed by having a lousy set of teachers and circumstances at home were not favorable for me to change many things in my life .Looking back there are many things (including school) I wished I could have changed in my life since its too late now all I can do now is only forge ahead .I do so by recognizing the signs that my kids show.Sending them to public school was easy ,taking them out and doing something no one else I knew was doing was a tough decision and 4 years into it I don't have a day that I have regretted that decision!
So, while others are waiting to hear a valid reason for our choice, I say,we do it because it is something we want to and enjoy doing .I know its not for everyone and if you don't home school I don't think I would want you to feel guilty about it!It's just a matter of choice.

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