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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Easy Ways to Teach Numbers and counting

Looks like a double post Thursday.I hope you all like the resources I have put together.My daughter was always fond of numbers.Most kids learn their ABC's 1st she learnt numbers first .
Her favorite product was a sesame street electronic number learning toy.Then as she grew she started to love coloring sheets ,dot to dot activities and mazes.It was easy making a book of her favorite printable activities esp on days when we knew she had to be busy like the Dr's office or a boring weekend party! So here are some ways to introduce numbers to your young child

Easiest way to teach is when you go up and down the stairs start to count
and very soon your child will do it with you.
Count and eat blueberries,raisins, marshmallows,cheerios and m&m's,Of course the advantage with m&m's is you can even teach color's.

Find some connect the dots printable where there are plenty of numbers,
here is a source I have used extensively

You can teach number counting with these sheets and then let you child color it
in then you teach them colors too !!!
Here is another printable for tracing numbers

Here are some neat books .
This one for a under age 2 ,remember to choose colorful sturdy picture books .I love the colorful foam shapes of this

Here is 1 for the above age 2 set that my daughter especially enjoyed

Here is 1 for the 4 and up age group

Again there are many many books to choose from, I don't list popular character books because
I find the general books to be more long lasting ,less gender specific esp if the favorite character is not so much of a favorite after a while or with your other kids and if you are like me and tend to keep the books forever and ever ,most character books I have found lose their novelty factor very fast.
In my many years of book buying esp the character ones its only Blues Clues that held up high interest at our house!


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