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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Long time!

I never realized I was quiet and did not post in a while .Time just got ahead of me.I think of posting everyday but its been 1 thing after another.As the school year progresses we go  through a transition of sorts for school and add more material and sometimes set aside some curriculum that the kids had enough off!
I go  through a big buying of books for the new school year in the 1st week of August .I research all year long and have mental notes of what my kids might like somethings don't change .But I do add a lots of hands on material every year I seem to adding more and more of hands on activities.
We do a lot of hands on Science,Art and Craft and History! Studying Egypt has always been a favorite here and we have made all the ooey and gooey science experiments and have made our fair share of volcanoes! 
 So this year After the big purchase in August I bought some more books in January and then a little bit of online classes this month!
I make use of trail 2 week or 1 month subscription of most sites that look interesting to my kids and they are great reviewers anyway so that works wonders when they have to review and critic the curriculum I buy them!
       I do get a lot of books from I have a lot of things in my wish list where I keep all the books I think my kids might enjoy and nothing in my opinion beats their customer service.
   For anyone interested  here is an awesome resource follow the return of the migratory birds throughout North America

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